Float Fly

Tom Davis provided the following pictures

FltFly18TD0All of our participants in 2018

FltFly18TD10Tom Kalvik’s Plane

FltFly18TD12Doug Isackson at the controls

FltFly18TD9Doug’s Plane

FltFly18TD3Bill Roberts at the controls

FltFly18TD2Tom Kalvik at the controls

FltFly18TD7The grill chief Bill R. and advisor

FltFly18TD6Doug I. and Tom D.

FltFly18TD08Jerry L. J, Doug I. & Larry S.


Mike Drouillard provided the next 3 Pix

FltFly18MDThere’s a plane up there somewhere

FltFly18MD2Two flying and three watching

FltFly18MD12018 Search & Rescue Team










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